Logging in With a New Identity

In the mobile app

To log in with a new identity / email address:

  1. On the MIRACL Trust enabled website you wish to log in to, click on the Login button.
    In the example below, an imaginary bank's home page is being used for demo purposes.

tech city bank

You should see a QR code on the web page:

simple qr login

  1. Open the MIRACL Trust app and scan the QR code.
    A prompt is displayed asking whether you want to accept or decline.

confirm pin

  1. Tap the Choose Another Identity button.
    Your list of identities is displayed.

confirm pin

  1. Tap the required identity.
    The ‘about to login’ prompt is displayed again.

  2. Tap Accept.
    A screen is displayed asking for your PIN.

enter pin

  1. Enter the PIN you created for the identity, and you will see a confirmation for a successful login You will be logged in to the website automatically.

TCB logged in


When logging in to a MIRACL Trust-enabled website in your browser, from the list to the right of the pin pad you can choose which identity to login with:

choose id

Once the identity is selected, simply enter your PIN.