Registering a New Identity

In the mobile app

To register a new identity / email address:

  1. Open the MIRACL Trust app and scan the QR code.
    A prompt is displayed asking whether you want to accept or decline.

choose another id

  1. Tap the Choose Another Identity button.
    Your list of identities is displayed. The list shows only one in this case as no more have been set up.

add new id

  1. Tap + New Identity.
    You will be prompted to enter your email address. Enter it and tap Continue You should receive an email to confirm your identity.

  2. After you have confirmed your identity via the link in the email, return to the app and tap Confirmed

  3. If the email address was confirmed via the email message, you will be prompted to create your PIN. Enter 4 digits, then enter them again to confirm. You will see a confirmation that your identity was created successfully.


To register a new ID / email address in the browser UI, select ‘New Identity’ from the list to the right of the pin pad:

new id

You will then be asked to confirm using the email link provided:

confirm email

Then create and confirm a PIN for the new ID.